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A wide range of volunteer opportunities are available on and off the construction site for individuals, corporate groups, student groups, youth groups, and faith groups.

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Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity (LAHFH) utilizes volunteers (both individuals and groups) to construct homes, work in the ReStore, help plan events, serve on committees/Board of Directors, and more. Volunteers are vital to our mission, helping us keep prices low and providing consistent operations across our entire organization. Volunteering allows you to have fun and make a difference while giving you the flexibility to choose your own schedule. You can work as little as a couple hours/month or as much as several times/week. Whether you are part of a church group, a school club, a corporate organization, or just an individual looking to gain volunteer experience, we’re always looking for volunteers.

Before you sign up for a shift on our Volunteer Calendars below, you must first complete the Volunteer Intake Form:
Volunteer Application
VIDEO: Safety Basics as a HFH Construction Volunteer!
No experience required!

No experience is needed to help build homes – only a desire to make a difference in our community. Our friendly and knowledgeable crew leaders will be there to help and answer questions every step of the way. So whether this is your first time lifting a hammer, or you are a construction professional, we would appreciate your help on a build site!

Parking on build sites:

We kindly ask that you try to carpool with your group members, as our parking is limited. Please do not park in front of mailboxes and try to spread your vehicles out along the road so neighbors still have some street parking available. Thanks for helping us be good neighbors!

(Pay attention to the “no parking on ___ day” signs to avoid parking tickets.)

When you have arrived on the build site, we ask you do the following things:
  • Sign in with the volunteer coordinator or construction manager. Don’t forget to sign out when you leave!
  • Listen carefully to the site supervisor’s safety talk and projects for the day.
  • Sign a paper waiver if you didn’t do this online.
  • Make sure you have the proper safety gear for the day (closed toed shoes, safety glasses, ear plugs, etc.)
Interested in becoming a “Regular Volunteer”?
Click HERE to learn more about our GoTo Crews!
16 Things Every Construction Volunteer Needs to Know

There is important information that will prepare you for your first day volunteering on our construction sites. We ask everyone to pay close attention to our safety guidelines.

We provide on-site training for anyone who is new to the construction trade, as well as job-specific training for your on-site assignment. When in doubt, ask your site supervisor for clarification and more information.

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Keep the cycle going by volunteering at our ReStore location

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In 2023, we’re building 3 homes with 3 great families.

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We have a variety of committee opportunities that help in every aspect of our organization.

“I wish we could do
10 builds a year.”

Becky Boyle Jones
Habitat for Humanity Volunteer
Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity