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The Parking Lot at ReStore Needs Help!

Why Are We RePaving?

The parking lot at our Moorhead ReStore location is in desperate need of attention. Years of daily wear and harsh weather conditions from before we owned the building have left it littered with potholes and borderline unsafe for customers to use.

After getting numerous bids, our most affordable option came with an estimated $300,000 price tag. With the rise in material and labor costs, we’re expecting that bid to be up to 20% more by the time we begin working on this project. While it might not seem like that big of a project on the surface, 12 inches need to be completely dug out and replaced. That’s nearly 29,000 sq. ft. of parking lot needing work.

What is “Adopt-a-Pothole”?

In order to keep our current funds going towards building homes to help local families, we are seeking donations to help cover repaving expenses. While this is a daunting project, we wanted to have some fun with it as the same time.

Below you can read bios about each of the potholes at ReStore. With a donation of any amount, you can help cover some of the expenses we are facing in the form of “adopting a pothole”. We do want to make it clear though that our plan is to repave the entire lot and not just individual holes.

Our Goals

Raise the funds needed for this project.

Repave the lot at ReStore!

Improve ReStore customer experience.

Meet The Potholes

ReStore’s parking lot is in need of a “hole” lot of love.
Help us help these holes by giving them a new and full life.

Hi! My name is:


Traits: Deep – Fashionable – Assertive

Location: Near Entrance

Potricia is a stand-out pothole at our ReStore location. She spends her days greeting customers as they first enter our lot. She loves to accessorize with cones and caution tape in order to attract attention.

Hi! My name is:


Traits: Resourceful – Ambitious – Powerful

Location: Northwest Corner

When it comes to stealing the show, the award goes to Wellma. She’s our “can’t-miss” pothole that accidentally greets all varieties of tires throughout the day. She’s loud, proud, and somewhat mysterious.

Hi! My name is:


Traits: Shy – Polite – Gentle

Location: Northeast Corner

Bucket is a quaint little pothole that tends to hide in the corner of our lot, away from most of the hustle and bustle. He starts his mornings by collecting morning dew. Bucket is very intimidated by Wellma.

Hi! My name is:

Harry Potter

Traits: Smart – Heroic – Magical

Location: Parking Spot 9 ¾

Potter is an oldie but a goldie. He first appeared around the early 2000s, but he’s still as popular as ever. Harry spends his time learning from his pothole mentor Bumpledore in the neighboring parking lot.

Hi! My name is:


Traits: Steady – Well-Rounded – Deep

Location: Northeast Corner

Cliff is a dependable pothole with a rock solid personality. He spends most of his time laying around collecting water and various debris.

Hi! My name is:


Traits: Quiet – Scattered – Proud

Location: Near the Store Entrance

Pebble is one of our youngest and smallest potholes. She would be the first to admit that she’s somewhat scatter-brained and easily distracted.  You can find Pebble spending most days alone gathering her thoughts.

Hi! My name is:

Dwayne "The Hole" Johnson

Traits: Large – Dark – Handsome

Location: Middle of the Lot

Dwayne is an absolute UNIT of a pothole. He’s hard to miss (literally). Most customers try to avoid him, but are drawn-in by his charismatic personality.

Hi! My name is:

Brad Pit

Traits: Handsome – Easy Going – Charismatic

Location: West Side of Lot

His endless good looks and charm make him one of our most popular potholes (especially among the lady potholes). He’s good friends with Dwayne, Paul, and Danny.

Hi! My name is:

Paul Rut

Traits: Funny – Humble – Confident

Location: West Side of Lot

Paul Rut may be one of the more under-rated potholes on the west side. He’s often overshadowed by his friends Brad and Dwayne, but when he does speak up, he’s a crowd favorite.

Hi! My name is:

Danny Divot-o

Traits: Feisty – Loveable – Funny

Location: Northeast Corner

Danny Divot-o is a small pothole with a deep personality. Although he may look a little rough around the edges, he’s one of the more entertaining potholes on the lot.

Hi! My name is:

Sherlock Holes

Traits: Clever – Insightful – Observant

Location: North Entrance

Sherlock is an incredibly inquisitive pothole who likes to get a good look at every car that passes through our lot. Nothing gets past this pothole… literally. He’s right at the entrance and he’s hard to drive around.

Hi! My name is:


Traits: Timid – Kind – Playful

Location: Near Storage Shed

Crumblina is our smallest pothole. But don’t let her tiny stature fool you, she still makes a BIG impression with any guest that drives over her. She spends her days observing the local wildlife near the lot. Some of her favorites are toads, moles, and swallows.

Hi! My name is:

Forrest Bump

Traits: Kind-Hearted – Trusting – Lucky

Location: Somehow everywhere something important happens.

Forrest Bump is a very friendly yet simple-minded pothole. He spends most days telling his life story to whomever parks nearest to him. However interesting his story may be, many ReStore customers find themselves wondering how a pothole managed to join the army, run a shrimping boat, and meet President Nixon.

Hi! My name is:

Pepper Pots

Traits: Compassionate – Organized – Intelligent

Location: North Side

The award for most kind-hearted and intelligent pothole goes to Pepper Pots. Although she gets a lot of garbage thrown her way, she stays loyal to the ones closest to her – especially Sherlock Holes.

Hi! My name is:

Ash Fault

Traits: Angry – Self-Reliant – Unforgiving

Location: Parking Spot #4

If there’s one pothole to avoid in our ReStore parking lot, this is the one. Ash is a hole that’s just plain mean, angry, and unpleasant to drive over. He spends his time ruining suspensions, collecting stale water, and yelling at customers.

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