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Every gift helps a child like Sam have a place of their own.

What is Give to the Max Day?

Minnesota's largest giving day.

Before her Habitat home, Sam never had a place to truly call her own. She always had to share her room with her "annoying" little brother.

Sam, her brother, and their mom used to live in a small, rental house that was full of many negative and painful memories. Unaffordable and unsafe, the space held unforgettable memories of abuse the family wasn’t able to escape. Unfortunately, they couldn’t afford better housing.

Their new home is exactly what they needed. This comforting space allows them to invest in themselves and create a space unique to them. Painted a great shade of purple, Sam’s room is filled with her favorite toys, art she's created, and wonderful, new memories. Together in their Habitat home, Sam’s family is building strength, stability, and self-reliance.

Help Sam build a new future: donate this Give to the Max Day, November 16th.

I'd like to help a child like Sam have a decent place to live!I'd like to help a child like Sam have a decent place to live!

Are you here to help with the parking lot?

For far too long, the potholes at our ReStore parking lot have been neglected. They’ve been alone and scared, run over by the world. At first, they thought ice and water would fill their needs, but it only took advantage of our lowly potholes and made matters worse.

Now is the perfect time to give to our Adopt-a-Pothole campaign! Join us for Minnesota's largest giving day, Give to the Max. Donations are accepted now through November 16th!

Help us restore the ReStore parking lot! Donate this Give to the Max Day, November 16th.

I want to Adopt-a-pothole!I want to Adopt-a-pothole!

other ways you can support habitat

materials or services


The generous contribution of construction materials and professional services allows Habitat for Humanity to stretch each dollar further and build more homes.

sponsorship opportunities


Sponsorships are critical to our mission.

planned giving


Whether you would like to put your donation to work today or benefit families after your lifetime, you can find a plan that fits your needs.

With Habitat’s help, I was able to break the cycle of renting and provide a home for my family.

Danielle John
Habitat for Humanity Home Owner