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We’ve come a long way since
building our first home in 1991.


2019 dakota blitz 3:10

By the grace God has given me, I laid a foundation as a wise builder, and someone else is building on it. But each one should build with care. – 1 Corinthians 3:10

The dakota blitz 3:10 is going to be a build like this community has never seen. 3 homes, 10 days, thousands of volunteers, 3 families lives changed.

From June 19-29, these homes will go from a foundation to completed exterior. It is going to be amazing, but we need your help. This project will not happen without contributions from people like you. Please donate today.

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realtor build

If anyone understands how having a home can do great things for a family, it’s a Realtor. We are honored to have the Fargo Moorhead Area Association of Realtors as a major sponsor this year. The Realtors have set their goal high…they want to be the first sponsor to FULLY fund one of our homes and are doing so with a new and exciting tactic. By finding a donor for every dollar amount, $1-$500, they will raise enough for pay for this entire home! If you like to help, visit HERE to learn more.

The partner family for the Realtor Build is the Dominquez family, a single mom and her 4 kids. This build will take place in West Fargo.

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thrivent build

In July, we will be starting our 19th Thrivent Build in the Fargo Moorhead area. Including this build, Thrivent Financial will have contributed more than $1.4 Million dollars to helping us build simple, decent and affordable homes in our community.

The partner family for the Thrivent Build is the Moore family, a single mom and her 2 kids. This build will take place in North Fargo.


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dilworth build

We couldn’t be more excited to be building in Dilworth this year. Our last Habitat build in Dilworth was in 2001. Starting in September, a brand-new home will be going up in the Little Italy part of Dilworth. The City of Dilworth, in partnership with Clay County has provided a lot and we’ll provide the home and the family…a great partnership! Currently, there is a condemned home standing on the lot. The home will be razed and we will build a new, beautiful home, which will help improve the entire neighborhood.

The partner family on the Dilworth Build will be the Johnson family, a single mom and her daughter.

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57 past builds

Since 1991, Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity has been working to eliminate poverty housing in our community by partnering with over 57 families during their path to new homeownership. Throughout the years, we have built homes in 6 different communities throughout Cass and Clay counties including Fargo, West Fargo, Moorhead, Dilworth, Casselton and Barnesville.

Without the support of our community volunteers, area churches, local businesses and organizations, students, home sponsors, and other non-profit organizations, none of these builds would have been possible. Thank you for your support!


thrivent build

Habitat for Humanity’s relationship with Thrivent Financial brings the financial, volunteer and advocacy resources of Thrivent Financial together with the affordable housing construction leadership of Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity. All building supplies are provided on site, and no previous construction experience is needed.

Thrivent Financial commits $12 million to Thrivent Builds with Habitat for Humanity partnership!

For the eleventh consecutive year, Thrivent Financial is committing millions to stabilize, strengthen and secure communities in 2016 through its unique partnership with Habitat for Humanity International called Thrivent Builds with Habitat for Humanity.

In 2018, Thrivent Financial partnered with Habitat to construct, rehabilitate, or repair over 850 homes in the U.S. through the Thrivent Builds Homes and Thrivent Builds Repairs program. Up to 160 teams will also travel across the globe or across the US to build homes through the Thrivent Builds Worldwide program. From the partnership’s inception in 2005, Thrivent and its members have now committed more than $226 million and more than 4.7 million volunteer hours.

The Fargo-Moorhead and surrounding area, Thrivent has sponsored 18 (working on 19) homes by contributing more than $1.4 Million dollars. We are proud to have been selected for a 2018 Thrivent Build home.

veterans build

Habitat for Humanity is a strong believer in serving those who have served. Habitat for Humanity’s Veterans Build is a national initiative aimed at providing volunteer, housing and employment opportunities to U.S. veterans, military service members and their families.

Why is Habitat for Humanity focusing on veteran needs?

  Nearly 4 million veteran households pay more than 30 percent of income for housing.

  More than 1.5 million of these households pay more than 50 percent of income for housing (severe cost burden).

  Nearly 1 million veterans who own homes are severely cost burdened, despite having access to VA loans and other assistance.

  A substantial subset of veterans struggles economically. Approximately 1.4 million veterans (6.7 percent) live in poverty.

women build

In 1991, a group of women in Charlotte, NC came together to complete the first all women built Habitat for Humanity home.  This event inspired other Habitat affiliates across the country to embark on Women Build programs of their own. In 2007, Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity completed their first Women Build home. The Women Build program engages women of every race, age, and skill level to plan and build all aspects of a healthy and affordable home with an eligible family.

Through participating in the project, women have the opportunity to gain skills and confidence by working with an all-women team of volunteers in a supportive and empowering building environment.

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apostle build

Area churches have been one of the many important partners in our ministry. With rising demand for affordable housing in front of us, we want to reach out to more of the faith community or support through the Apostles Build program.

Habitat for Humanity is a servant of the church providing a concrete opportunity for people to put faith into action, the apostle build is just one of the ways in which we do this. An apostle build is a partnership that allows twelve individual churches to join together and fully fund and build a house for a local family. As Jesus’ original apostles were charged with spreading the word about Jesus, our twelve apostles are charged with assisting in Habitat’s mission to provide decent shelter for God’s children. Each “apostle” will be responsible for 1/12 of the cost of the home and 1/12 of the volunteer labor. It’s that simple. You will work together to pray, provide labor, and raise the money to build a Habitat for Humanity house for a family in need.

Specialty builds can be created for all sorts of reasons. In honor of a special person, celebration of your companies anniversary, or just to do something different. If you would like more information on any of these builds or our we can create a specialty build for your organization, please contact Pete Christopher at 218-284-5253 or pete@lakeagassizhabitat.org

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