Partner Family Stories

Meet Our Partner Families:

The Brackins Family- Community Build, Fargo (2015)


Tenille is a hard working single mom with one daughter. She is excited to be a Habitat homeowner so that her daughter will be able to play outside in a yard and have a healthy home to live in. Tenille’s daughter has asthma and is extremely sensitive to cigarette smoke, molds and dust.  Having this home will be affordable for Tenille who works for Noridian, but it also means less doctor visits since the environment will be healthier. Tenille is another Habitat homeowner who is looking forward to the Partner Family Education classes because she wants to learn more about budgeting, home maintenance, yard care and energy conservation. Tenille has volunteered at build sites with Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity in the past and felt that it was rewarding to help families build their dream of home ownership. Tenille feels blessed that others are so willing to help her and her daughter.


The Greer Family- HBA/ Veteran Build, Moorhead (2014)

 A single mother and daughter will be moving into the Moorhead, MN Veteran Build home sponsored by the Home Builder’s Association and Home  Builder’s Care this summer. Sonia Greer was a staff sergeant in the United States Air Force. She served on the aircraft maintenance squad for seven  years and received an honorable discharge.
 Sonia, who is working for North Dakota State University, and her 9-year-old daughter are currently living in a trailer house located in North Fargo. She  said she is thankful and excited that their family was selected for the Veteran’s Build, as owning a home will provide more security and stability for her  daughter.
 “I am very excited. I feel I will now be able to get into a safe house for my daughter and I,” Sonia said. “This is a permanent move, and my daughter will  have a lot more opportunities now.”
Sonia, who volunteered for Habitat organizations when living in North Carolina and California said she will also be gaining a lot through the opportunity Lake Agassiz Habitat provided her.
“I don’t think I will be able to thank all the people who have helped us enough,” she said.

 The Traylor Family- Thrivent Build Home, Moorhead (2014)

 Sharon Traylor and her children were selected and approved as a Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity Partner Family for a “recycled” home in Moorhead.  Sharon works at Walmart and is a hard working single mother who dreams of owning her own home; a place where her kids would be safe and be able  to get an excellent education.
 Sharon has moved quite a bit, and at one time even lived out of her car, but every move has meant a small improvement to the living conditions that she  could afford. Sharon feels that it has been very important to teach her children to never give up on their dreams. Sharon, her three sons and one daughter  are excited to partner with LAHFH to obtain this next step of owning a home. The security of home ownership is important to them. They are also eager  to maintain their home knowing that it is their home, and to build relationships with their new neighbors.

 The Fenroy Family- Women Build Home, West Fargo (2014)

 Moving into a new home cannot come soon enough for the Fenroy family. In 2009, Cashondra and her growing family moved to Fargo. She had four  children and was pregnant with twins. After spending some time at the YWCA, Cashondra was able to get back on her feet and is now living in  temporary housing. Although she is grateful for the apartment, it is overcrowded to the point where everyone has to share bedrooms and there is little  area for her children to play.
 Cashondra's family has been selected and approved for their new Habitat home which will be located at 2603 7th St W, West Fargo, ND 58078. As a  single mother and a veteran providing for her family, she anxiously awaits the start of the build season and is excited to be working with Habitat this  summer.
 When asked what she was looking forward to most, Cashondra responded, "The children will have the freedom to be children!"
Cashondra will dedicate 250 hours of sweat equity on her home and at Habitat for Humanity. After her home is completed she will purchase the home from Habitat with a 0% interest loan. This loan then helps to fund a home for another Habitat for Humanity family.