ReStore Deconstruction Program

Habitat ReStore Deconstruction Program

The Habitat ReStore Deconstruction Program salvages usable building materials from homes, cabins, and businesses. All building materials are removed with care and taken to our ReStore where they are sold at a discount to the public. These sales help fund Habitat’s mission of building affordable homes for low-income families in Cass and Clay County.

Benefit of using our Habitat ReStore Deconstruction Program

  • All materials salvaged serve as tax-deductible donations
  • Deconstruction is done with care in a timely fashion
  • Save on labor & disposal fees
  • Materials salvaged are kept out of landfill
  • Sale of salvaged materials at ReStore provide low-cost building supplies to the public
  • All proceeds support the building of Habitat homes in Cass and Clay counties

To find out if our Habitat ReStore Deconstruction Program fits your needs please email or call Randy Ahmann at 218-284-5253 for a consultation and to schedule a walkthrough.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Call or email our Randy Ahmann for a consultation to see if our Habitat ReStore Deconstruction Program is suitable for your needs. Photos of the building materials you wish to have removed is appreciated.

Does the deconstruction service cost me anything?

No, our removal services are free. We ask that you allow us to take what we find salvageable and all other items that we deem unsaleable will be left for you to dispose of.

What do you deconstruct?

Our Habitat ReStore Deconstruction Program has been involved in many full house scrapes associated with property buyouts due to flood zones. We also do full kitchen removals and smaller projects approved on a case-by-case basis.

Are there volunteer opportunities in the Habitat ReStore Deconstruction Program?

Yes, there are opportunities to assist us in our deconstruction program. No experience is needed, just a positive attitude to volunteer and make a positive difference in your community. Duties include but not limited to: careful removal of salvageable building materials using power and hand tools; loading and unloading of materials; cleaning. If you are interested in helping out please email or call Jason Jahner at 218-284-5253.