Our Builds

We've come a long way since building our first home in 1991. For over 27 years, we've grown steadily, building homes in six communities throughout Cass and Clay counties. To date, Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity has built 57 homes in partnership with local families, with more than 1/2 of whom were single mom families. We are also proud to have helped build 34 international homes, through our tithing program with Habitat International. 

A few quick facts about our builds:

  • Each Habitat Home take approximately $150,000 to build and about 4,500 volunteer hours.

  • Through volunteer labor and both financial and material donations, Habitat builds and rehabilitates simple, decent homes with the help of the homeowner (partner) families. Habitat houses are sold to partner families at no profit and are financed with affordable, no-interest loans. The mortage payments go into a fund that help build future homes. 

  • In addition to a down payment and the monthly mortgage payments, homeowners invest hundred of hours of their own labor-sweat equity into building their Habitat house and the houses of others.

Watch how quickly a Habitat home goes up during Blitz Week. Though the inside of the home still needs to be finished, it takes only 7 days for a home to be completely finished on the outside.



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