Donate Materials or Services

Donate Construction Materials or Professional Services

The generous contribution of construction materials and professional services allows Habitat for Humanity to stretch each dollar further and build more homes. If you would like to donate new products to help build a Habitat home or donate your professional services, call us at 218-284-5253 ext. 2 or e-mail

ReStore - Habitat ReStore is always in need of new or gently used home improvement products. Before you throw out your old appliances or building supplies, donate them to Habitat ReStore. Not only are you supporting Habitat for Humanity with proceeds from ReStore supporting LAHFH’s mission, but you are also helping the environment by keeping usable products out of landfills. To find out more about how to donate, schedule a pick-up time, or view a complete list of products we accept, visit the ReStore page or call 218-284-5253 ext. 1

Donate Land

Lake Agassiz Habitat not only buys land, but we accept buildable land as a donation as well, including sale-donation combinations. The value of donated land is tax deductible. We only accept donated property that is in Cass and Clay Counties. If building on the land is not in the best interest of Lake Agassiz Habitat, our affiliate will sell it and direct the proceeds toward building homes elsewhere. Lake Agassiz Habitat assigns fair appraisal value to all land recieved or purchase. Be sure to consult talk an attorney or tax advisor about the positive impact of a land donation.

To learn more about sales or donations of land, please contact Pete Christopher at (218)-284-5253 ext 2 or

Donate Stocks or Bonds

Your charitable gift helps others while providing an opportunity for tax savings. A charitable contribution of long-term appreciated securities — i.e. stocks, bonds and/or mutual funds that have realized significant appreciation over time — is one of the most tax-efficient of all ways to give. 

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Vehicle Donations

Do you have an old or unneeded car, truck, boat or other vehicle sitting in your driveway, or taking up space in your garage? Consider donating it to Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity through Cars for Homes. Not only will you be helping Habitat provide decent, affordable housing, you might be helping the environment as well.

Why should I donate my car?

  • One hundred percent of the net proceeds from the sale of your donated vehicle will be used by your local Habitat affiliate to build and repair affordable homes.
  • You may qualify for a tax deduction for donating a vehicle.
  • It’s fast and easy. Learn more about how vehicle donations work.
  • Thirty percent of cars donated to Habitat are recycled for materials or sold for reusable parts.
  • Recycling steel uses less energy and natural resources and produces less carbon pollution.
  • Taking an inefficient older car off the road helps save gas and improves air quality.