5 Dual-Purpose DIYs for Your College Dwelling

Bunk beds. Bulky desks. No room to store ANYTHING. Welcome back to college life!

Whether you live in a dorm or an apartment, space is often tight when you’re in college. Finding places to store everything can be a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be.

Check out these five DIY projects that provide you with a functional furniture piece AND a place to store your stuff. You’ll find all the affordable materials you need to build them at ReStore. And now when you stop by, you’ll receive an extra 10% off your purchase when you show us your college ID!

1. DIY Rolling Ottoman

  If you enjoy building things from scratch, you’ll love this project. Just pick up some wood, hardware and stain from ReStore and create this simple rolling ottoman! It’s the perfect place to rest your feet while lounging—and store those extra books and snacks.​

2. DIY Magazine End Table

  Whether you’re into Cosmo or Sports Illustrated, this rolling magazine end table is a multi-functional place to store magazines AND set your coffee mug while you write last-minute essays at 3 a.m. You can build one from scratch, or save time by using pallets from ReStore!

3. DIY Coffee Table

  If your dorm room or apartment has a little more room for living room furniture, consider creating this storage coffee table out of an old door from ReStore. It’s big enough to store larger items like blankets and pillows, while your textbooks will make themselves at home on top.

4. DIY Desk Divider

  When you’re living in a dorm, there’s not much privacy involved. This clever desk divider can help. It’s created from a simple yet sturdy bookshelf—something you can find at ReStore. It provides you with extra privacy, and you’ll also get extra space to store your books and supplies!

5. DIY Drawer Shelves

  Who knew salvaged drawers could be a lifesaver? Pick some up at ReStore, then paint and stack them to create drawer shelves (you could even mount them on your walls). Fill them with your favorite picture frames, plants and more. When it’s time to move out, use them as boxes!


Don’t forget to stop by ReStore for 10% off your DIY materials when you show us your college ID!


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